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You Can Run, But Can’t Hide From Bartlett Police

(Memphis) Bartlett Police are still relying on good old fashioned detective work to crack crimes, but say better surveillance cameras and social media sites are making their jobs easier and allowing them to identify people within hours.

Pictures of three women, accused of depositing forged checks into an elderly man's bank account and then going to the ATM the same day and withdrawing the money, were plastered all over the Bartlett Police Department's Facebook Page last Thursday.

Detectives says the images from the ATM cameras couldn't have been better and within 24 hours of posting the pictures on Facebook all three were identified.

"You know if you can't swim you shouldn't be on the swim team. If you can't play with others you should be arrested," said Greg Manley.

Manley checks the Bartlett Police Department's Facebook PageĀ  on a regular basis.

He wants to know what is going on and what police are working on.

"I haven't recognized anybody, but I've looked," said Manley.

Over the last week, Bartlett Police also identified a man captured on surveillance video after allegedly stealing a 42' TV from the Walmart on Highway 64.

They also have a good lead on a woman accused of stealing a pressure washer from 'We Sell Tools' on Highway 70.

A camera inside got a clear picture of her walking through the doors.

People in Bartlett say it should serve as a warning to all crooks that you never know who's watching or scouring the pages of Facebook.

"I think the only one that would have a problem with that are the people who are doing things they shouldn't," said a woman.

Bartlett police is asking anyone with tips on any of their cases to call the detectives involved directly.

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