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Judge Won’t Re-Open Gas Station Declared Public Nuisance For Few More Days

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(Memphis) A Southeast Memphis gas station, declared a public nuisance, will stay shut down until a court hearing Wednesday.

The owners and district attorney reached a settlement today, but a judge rejected it.

Shelby County's District Attorney shut down Knight Arnold Food and Fuel on South Mendenhall last week, saying it was the center of gang and drug activity.

Environmental Judge Larry Potter is keeping the store closed for now.

People who live by the station were furious the DAs office has not asked them for feedback.

Bishop Lynn Brown said he is a voice for the Fox Meadows community.

"We have had no input in this!  You do not in no surreptitious way and get behind closed doors and cut a deal without the people being involved. We are not going to tolerate that," said Brown.

Judge Potter scheduled a hearing for Wednesday.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton's son, Andre, will represent the gas station owner, "The rights and frustrations of communities and neighborhood associations must not outweigh or infringe upon a business owner's ability to make a living."

Brown said dozens of community members plan on attending the hearing.

"They are tired of people coming into the community, opening up these stores and selling drugs and having gangs hanging around. They are tied of that. They are going to raise up and rise up and take charge of that community," said Brown.

Judge Potter wants to make sure the employees who turned an eye to the crime are fired.

That wasn't in the DAs deal.


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