Billboard Calls for Mississippi, Missouri to Secede

(DeSoto County, MS) A billboard along Interstate 44 between Lebanon and Springfield, Missouri is getting lots of attention.

It seems aimed at people who say they’re fed up and ready to break away from America and go it alone.

”I could understand it. People want their own rules, their own thing. I can understand it but I don’t see ‘em doin’ that,” said Michelle Booth of Lake Cormorant, MS

The billboard, reported in the St. Louis Riverfront Times, calls for two Mid-South states, and three others to secede from the union and start their own republic.

It would form a “C shaped” country stretching from the Midwest to the gulf.

So far, the billboard company hasn’t responded to requests to find out who’s responsible for the message, but political experts say it really doesn’t matter.

Former Mississippi House Member John Mayo says he’s heard this argument before, ”When I was in the Legislature there was talk of, borderline talk of people seceding, but the talk was ‘nullification’, which means we’re not gonna follow federal law.”

He says this secession plan has absolutely no chance of succeeding, ”That’s just as stupid as the people who put up billboards. The only people profiting from that are the billboard companies.”

He says it’s just noise from extremist groups who could come from either liberal or conservative folds.

He believes those people should sail off to an island and govern themselves.

Meantime, the billboard remains a curiosity and a conversation starter for plenty of people.

”I just do not see Mississippi or Louisiana being their own country. Texas maybe, but not Mississippi”, said Booth.

For now, nobody in Mississippi, or Missouri for that matter, seems to want to take credit for this controversial idea.


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