Woman Speaks Out About Apartment Violence Only To Be Threatened With Eviction

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(Memphis) A woman who called News Channel 3 for help because of ongoing violence at her apartment complex says she's now being threatened with eviction.

Lakeisha Sparks spoke out about the gun shots and drug dealing that she says is happening at the Ridgecrest Apartments.

Sparks says she got a notice on her door Thursday saying her lease might be terminated.

She says the management told her she got the letter because she chose to talk to the media about the violence she sees almost every day.

“I don't regret calling the news. All I want is help,” said Sparks.

Sparks says her apartment manager told her Friday that her behavior was a "disturbance to the peace” when she told the world how she lives in fear.

“When I hear the gunshots, I am down on the floor and this happens almost every night,” she said in September on the 10 o'clock news.

She spoke to News Channel 3 September 30 when she heard about 20 gun shots the night before.

“She and her neighbors showed us the bullet holes all over their homes,” said Reporter Wayne Carter on the broadcast.

Wayne says the night he covered the story the management at Ridgecrest Apartments threatened to have him and our photographer arrested.

Wayne informed them it was Sparks' first amendment right to speak.

“Ever since I called the news they have been trying to evict me,” said Sparks.

The letter the management gave Sparks is vague but does say she violated some sort of rule and alluded to criminal activity.

“I don't bother anyone over here. I am a mother of two. A single parent.”

According to police records and court reports, officers have never been there because of Sparks but 16 other times just this month for assaults, robbery, and drug dealing.

Sparks says the apartments are plagued by gangs and as we interviewed her Friday someone proved her point.

A man interrupted the interview, then threw up gang signs.

“Why are you flashing gang signs?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

The man didn’t answer.

“What do you think about that?” asked Hall.

“Well. I think there is a lot of violence going-on and I want protection for my kids,” said Sparks. “Right now, the best thing for me is to find somewhere for me and my daughters to go.”

Ridgecrest Apartments would not answer our questions about Sparks’ letter on her door.

They told us to call Tesco Properties.

When we called its offices, officials there did not return our phone calls.


  • dennise johnston

    I sure hope she has some where else to go because she certainly is not safe now! You guys should not have put her name out there.

  • cheryl

    6111 Ridgeway is just as bad, just thursday morning my daughter was hiding in her closet and calling 911 because someone was shooting right out her apartment door, NO one came ! Because the apartments tell them nothing is going on.

  • tinymouse

    I hope that this nice young lady finds a good and affordable place to live. It is obvious that she is entirely motivated by concern for her children.

  • reasy

    As long as Ridgecrest is glorified by the majority of the locals, neighborhood boofonery Yo Gotti , nothing will change.

  • Georgie

    They should lock the apartment manager up every time a gun go off. If they start locking up owners and managers they could clean up Memphis. It’s a shame these silly wanna be low life gang bangers think they’re being cool to flip a sign. They should be ordered to serve in the army on the front line or sent to Mars.

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