Two Teens Shot During Clarksdale Homecoming Parade

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(Clarksdale, MS) Clarksdale police are looking for a teen they shot two people in the middle of the Clarksdale High School homecoming parade Friday afternoon.

Police reported the shooting at 3:47 in the 200 block of Sunflower in the middle of downtown.

The two victims are teenagers. One was shot in the arm, the other in the leg. They were taken to the hospital for treatment and are expected to be OK.

“He said all at once he heard all of the shooting and everybody running,” said Roy Brown.

His son owns a Liquor Store in the middle of downtown Clarksdale, just yards away from where the shooting happened.

Police say the shooting happened after an argument.

Police have a person of interest in mind. They were searching for him Friday evening.

“It's not happy. It's gotten terrible,” Brown said.

“It's dangerous. That spoils the fun for everyone. It's sad to hear about that going on,” said Clarksdale resident Lakinda Ellis.

Anyone with information on the shooting should call Clarksdale Police at 662-621-8156.


  • Don

    if you feel you are in danger in Clarksdale, why don’t you move to Memphis where you will be safe? be sure to bring your own ammunition.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Until we start to make examples of some of these people involved in these shootings nothing will change. We have become a country of “giving breaks,” by now we should realize that this doesn’t work. We may as well be in Afghanistan.

  • Shaquea

    I’m in the Clarksdale High School Band and everyone was kind of upset because it ruin our parade! We were ready to have fun and get ready for the game, but because of the shooting some of our band members parents didn’t allow their child to go to the game and the band was very small that night at the game! I was upset because it was our first parade of the marching season! :(

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