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Madison County Sheriff Says Legal Trouble Is A Setup

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(Madison County, TN) Madison County’s sheriff is accused of attacking one of his deputies, who was also his mistress.

There’s an order of protection against Sheriff David Woolfork because the woman he's accused of attacking is afraid he'll try to hurt her.

According to the restraining order Sharon Sangster has bruises up and down her arms and broken fingernails after a tussle with the sheriff.

Sangster says she spoke with the sheriff a few times on her cell phone, and the third time he called he was here at her door banging and ordering her to let him in.

According to court papers Woolfork then grabbed Sangster and said he wanted to get back together with her and have sex.

Sangster says Woolfork had been drinking, and when her married boss went outside to urinate she called the county constable for help.

“I got a call from a deputy sheriff with a potential domestic disturbance. So I called JPD and we responded to the scene,” said Constable Frankie Lax.

No arrests were made and Sangster later filed the restraining order to keep the sheriff away from her.

Francis Graves worked as a nurse with the sheriff’s wife and lives near his alleged mistress.

“I notice his car. He had a truck, and one day it looked like he was in a black van,” said Graves.

According to the order of protection Sangster was being intimidated into not speaking up, but she did anyway.

Sheriff Woolfork issued a statement saying that whilehe was dealing with an employee about a prior disciplinary incident, his mobile phone was stolen.

According to the statement, "...calls were made with my phone to various phone numbers. I believe that this incident was motivated by political opponents and orchestrated as a beginning attack in the now contested upcoming election."

The statement further says, "Let me say that during this incident at no time did I ever act inappropriately or take any action that could be interpreted as retaliatory."

We tried to ask Deputy Sangster about that, but she wasn't home.

The Jackson police department refused to give us an interview in time for our deadline.

We wanted to ask why Sheriff Woolfork was not arrested or charged the night of the incident as it would typically be done in a domestic assault case.


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