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East Memphis Neighborhood On High Alert After Rash of Car Break-Ins

(Memphis) People in the Colonial Acres area said about a dozen cars were broken into in the last few days.

Christopher Brown said he saw two men prying through his neighbor's car near Mt. Moriah and Colonial.

"They had the door open, and the trunk opened. They were going through everything. I scared them in time before they made any progress or grabbed anything," said Brown.

He said the men got into a white Acura and sped off.

"It was at night. They were taller males. There were two of them," said Brown.

Brown called police, but unfortunately, it wasn't his first time to file a report.

Brown's car was also broken into a few weeks ago. The thieves snatched his briefcase.

"It's frustrating, is the best word to describe it," said Brown.

Colonial Acres sent out an e-mail blast to all neighbors.

It said nearly a dozen cars were broken into in the last few days between Mt. Moriah and Estate.

The e-mail said police have responded to several reports, but they do not know if the crimes are related.

Brown said he's keeping an eye out, and is hoping neighbors do the same.


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