Caretaker Jailed For Ripping Off Patient

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(Memphis) A woman hired to help take care of a wheelchair bound man is accused of taking him to the cleaners. In one week, police say the woman stole almost $500 from him.

"It's an impulse sort of thing. She surely shouldn't be seeing people like my brother who is that disabled," said Bobby Holmes, the victim's brother.

With a name like Charity, stealing is one of the last things you might expect from this Memphis caretaker.

However, Charity Gaddy faces several counts of theft and fraud after police say she stole the debit card of the disabled and mentally ill man she was taking care of.

"She gave him a bath, which is her job, and apparently just decided that she needed the money," said Holmes.

Police say Gaddy made at least three withdrawals from an ATM.

She knew the victim's PIN because she'd helped him make a purchase before.

Bobby Holmes says this isn't the first time a caregiver has ripped off his brother.

He said, "The same company, Sitters. They provide these people and this is the second one we've caught stealing."

News Channel 3 talked to the owner of Sitters, Etc.

He said after Charity Gaddy's arrest, she was let go.

He was unaware of a previous theft by another employee.

Sitters says they check backgrounds and references of all employees before hiring, and Gaddy's checked out fine.

Holmes says his brother hasn't gotten his money back.

He believes higher pay might help keep some caregivers more honest and make the sick and elderly less vulnerable.

Holmes said, "Now they're just fodder for robbers. They rob them."

Sitters, Etc., says if Gaddy is found guilty, and the victim doesn't get his money back, the company will reimburse him.

If you need to choose home health care for yourself or a loved one and you're going through an agency, make sure you check credentials.

Also, check the training that the agency offers its staff, the costs and coverages options and ask for references for the agency and for specific workers.


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    Some people are just plain crooks no matter how much they get paid. Surely we leaned that from the guys and gals at Wall Street

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    Charity going to need some charity now that she got fired from her job. Ghetto rat… stealing from a mentally disabled person… pretty low but she is from Memphis so…

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