FedEx Investing Millions In New Center

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(Memphis) With lives on the line FedEx spending millions to make sure medicine and other medical packages are safe.

The company is breaking ground on a new building they say won’t only benefit FedEx customers, but also the job market in Memphis.

Millions of packages shipped through the mail must be kept cool or even frozen.

FedEx COO Mike Ducker remembers a past customer whose life depend on it.

“We were able to provide really a lifesaving transport for his bone marrow which was then given to him. His life has been saved,” said Ducker.

FedEx wants more success stories like this so they are opening a new multi-million dollar refrigerated distribution center.

Right now the company depends on refrigerated trailers, but the new space will be a game changer for all distribution.

The building, which will be built at FedEx’s World Hub, is intended for short-term in and out cold storage, but sometimes things slow that down like bad weather or security checks.

In those cases packages can stay stored as long as the need to be safely.

FedEx doesn’t know how many jobs will be generated because of this within the company.

It says there will be a demand of private companies to assist with the maintenance and upkeep of the center to come to Memphis and possibly help the city’s economy.

The new center will also have the potential to help the government move lifesaving vaccinations when they are needed.

“It gives us a great tool in our tool kit in the event the CDC or a major distributor were to come to us and ask us to manage some sort of vaccine distribution program like we did for the H1N1 Swine Flu,” said FedEx Managing Director Richard Smith.

The center is expected to be finished next fall and cost around $25 million.