New Tool To Fight Lung Cancer


(Memphis) Doctors at Baptist Memorial Health Care are using technology that’s been around for a while in a new way to detect lung cancer.

They are using a CT scan or low dose computerized tomography  to screen at-risk patients.

A study by the National Cancer Institute showed that the CT scans better detect earlier stages of lung cancer than the standard X-ray–significantly cutting deaths from the disease.

The NCI study looked at 53,000 current and past smokers who were screened annually for three years by a CT scan or conventional chest X-ray and found those who screened with the CT were 20% less likely to die from the disease.

“If we can get you early we can get you out of the hospital in two to three days and cure you at a pretty high rate. Once you have symptoms, not always, but generally you are going to be stage four and not be a candidate for surgery. The screening identifies people much earlier and that’s the reason the survival rate jumps to 20%,” said Thoracic surgeon Dr. Todd Robbins.

Baptist started using the CT scans last week for at-risk lung cancer patients and already has around 30 people waiting to be screened.

If you are interested in the screening call 855-586-4632 to sign up.


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