East Memphis Shooting Suspect in Custody

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(Memphis) Memphis Police have arrested a suspect in connection with a shooting that critically injured an East Memphis man Sunday night.

18-year-old Derrick Chambers was arrested Monday night and is charged with attempted first degree murder. He’s being held on $500,000 bond.

Police say he shot a man several times in the area of Dogwood and Barron on Sunday night. The victim later showed up at a fire station at Getwell and Rhodes.

Police say the victim suffered gunshot wounds to the face, arms, legs, back and chest. He was taken to the MED in critical condition.

Chambers is due in court on Tuesday.


  • Free Thinker

    I used to live there. There was a drive by on Thanksgiving day two houses down from me just before we left. Went to Arlington. Next move – out of state.

    • VeeVee

      I know the feeling Free Thinker….Today marks the 13th year that I lost my son to a drive-by murder near Cotonwood and Mendenhall…..I moved to Alabama and about 2 1/2 yrs ago, moved back to Tennessee across stateline from Alabama…..;best life we’ve ever lived…..

      • VeeVee

        Thank you Mary. It s apparent that there are still decent people that write on here. This is a hurtful time for me and people with Charles’s caliber should be muzzled. That took a lot of nerve. It would be different if I wasn’t born and raised in Memphis, so I hope he gets his grump off on someone else. Geez, ..

    • Aubrey

      That is a very insensitive remark to make to someone who stated they lost a family member. You probably did not read the entire comment before you replied. Whatever happened to Memphis being the “City of Good Abode”. I guess your reply tells all.

      • VeeVee

        Thank you Aubrey for coming to my defense. I usually don’t like to blog, but today marks a very hurtful time from the year 2000 and I was only thinking about the other parent. Charles didn’t bother to attack the person that commented before me and it was directed to me, so since this is a sensitive time for me, I know what it’s all about. The devil has always been a liar and he uses idiots to do his dirty work…..thank you again!

  • Byteme

    Young black men killing other young black men. Go ahead and exterminate yourselves. As an older, black male, I have no defense or excuses for them. I’ve tried talking to some of them, and I’m just and “old head” as they refer to me who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I don’t have “swag” (which is a word that I loathe).
    So, if they want to continue to kill one another, be my guest.

    • Robert L Walker

      Byteme I am also an older Black man who have tried and failed to communicate with some of our young Black youth, but the majority don’t seem to want to hear to hear it. I now focus my efforts on the young people in my immediate family who seem to get the message because they have no choice in the matter. For those young black people who are depicted in these incidents daily, I just try and be ready for their BS if I find myself caught up in their stupidity.

  • Don Holt

    The thug is 18 and doesn’t know he can be put to death for his crime. Go ahead Judge & Jury, There is no cure for Stupid

  • Joe Williams

    million to one this young thug grew up without a father in the house. No one there to put a foot in his bu tt when he got out of line in early days. 18 and life to go. keepin it real… real dumb.

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