Half Million Dollar Heist Of UPS Packages

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(Memphis) Police say probably more than one person broke into 16 trailers at the UPS facility near the airport.

With fences, gates, and other security measures in place, police want to know how they pulled off the heist.

Someone is out there with more than $500,000 worth of electronics, clothes, and other things you may have been expecting in the mail.

That's according to the Memphis Police Department, which claims fewer than 100 packages were stolen from the UPS facility on Carrier Street.

“I'm not happy about it. It makes me a little nervous to ship something,” said Anne Kelly.

Kelly says she'll probably still use UPS, but pay extra for insurance.

Under UPS policy insurance automatically covers up to $100 of what you ship, and it's up to you to pay $2 per $100 past that.

“If it were valuable I may try to get the additional insurance,” said Kelly.

Larry Person says police should keep all options open in catching the crooks because he finds it a little curious the thieves were able to make it through so much security and had so much time to take a lot.

“It's probably someone that works within the organization,” said Person.

Jimmie Ahmed says there are bad people out there and from time to time, things like this may happen, but it's not the norm.

“I use UPS all the time and never have any complications. If I send something overnight it gets there overnight,” said Ahmed.

UPS declined to give us an interview or statement during the investigation, but they say they are assisting the Memphis Police Department to capture the crooks.


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