Parkway Village Neighbors Anxious after Murder

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(Memphis) Memphis Police continue to search for two men who they say shot and killed a man in Parkway Village Friday. In the meantime, neighbors are anxious for answers.

“This was very random, this was very shocking, to come outside and before 12,” said Regina Walton. “If you got his money why did you shoot him? I don’t understand that.”

Memphis Police have identified the victim as 42 year-old J.P. Shelley. He left behind a wife and two sons. Shelley was working at the home when he was robbed and killed.

“Oh my god, I have a 15-year-old I would go crazy to know something like that happened to his dad while he was working,” said Walton.

Walton and her mother Robbie Butler said they are on edge since the shooting.

“I keep the door unlocked and I stand close to the door, because you don’t know what’s next,” said Butler.

MPD said they are looking for a green car and two suspects.


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