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Shutdown Affects School Trip, but Doesn’t Cancel It

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(Southaven,MS) The shutdown hits just as a group of Mid south students head to Washington, D.C.

The group from Northpoint Christian School is hoping they'll see the sites in the Nation's Capitol.

"I honestly thought we weren't going to go," NCS 8th grader Sarah Ann Flowers said.

When the government shut down these 8th graders worried their trip to the Nations Capital wouldn't happen, but organizers weren't going to let the shutdown get these students down. So eighty 8th graders from NCS are headed to D.C.

"We are still going to the National Cathedral and will look a certain sites. Can't get as close as we have in the past so we'll just make adjustments," NCS Assist.Principal Robert Belue said.

But there's no denying there's a bit of disappointment from students.

"I'm kind of disappointed that we can't go to the Capital and the monuments and everything," Flowers said.

"Yeah the Smithsonian and stuff like that the memorials and the capital," Elizabeth Johnson said.

So a new plan includes a lesson with Congressman Allen Nunnelee. As students loaded onto the bus, some had a message for all lawmakers.

"They just got to get this straightened out," 8th grader Ryan Brewer said.

Everyone hoping the conflict does get straightened out soon. They will be in D.C. for five days.

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