Obamacare May Be Saving Grace For Many Mid-Southerners

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(WREG-TV) While everyone may not be on board with Obamacare, it could be the saving grace many in the Mid-South need.

A New York Times report shows a majority of adults in the Mid-South are poor and uninsured — many of those are African Americans.

Arkansas is the only state in the South that approved the Medicaid expansion.

The report breaks down where uninsured Americans live, state by state.

You can also find out what jobs they work to make ends meet.


  • Dorothy Ramsey

    I don’t understand why it is so hard for Republicans to see that, even though we love our parks and monuments, we would much rather be able to see a doctor when we are ill than to be able to attend any National park. No matter how beautiful the park is or what great thing it represents, we will always choose our health over looking at something else. Thank you.

  • JustMe

    I don’t see how anybody can afford “Obamacare”. Even a person with zero income will have to pay for it, then the subsidy is a tax credit. I checked the figures on a fictitious $14,000 per year income. The cost would be $1,100 per month with a $6,500 per year deductible. The premium would be credited back on taxes, but how is a person going to pay for it?

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