Memphis Tops National List Of Hazardous Homes

(Memphis) Take a tour of Memphis homes, and it’s not always an episode from HGTV.

“You have to flush it about 50 times before anything goes down,” said one renter.

This family has broken sewer lines, leaky faucets, and a bad roof.

The National Center for Healthy Housing says out of all the homes in metro Memphis more than half have a health or safety hazard.

They tracked things like rodents, heating issues, and water leaks.

Memphis has more houses like that than any other metropolitan area in the country.

Real estate owner Jim Reedy doesn’t agree.

His company deals with low-income housing across the country.

He says more than 50 percent of the houses here are rentals, but that doesn’t make them unsafe, or unhealthy.

“Memphis has done a great job of cleaning up the inner city giving investors an ultimatum to renovate or tear them down” said Reedy.

Just because they look OK from the outside, renters say almost every place they look has an issue on the inside.

Renters hope someone takes the survey seriously.


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