Mississippi Addresses Wild Boar Population Explosion

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(Tippah County, MS) They’re big, they’re mean, and they’re a growing problem in Mississippi.

Wild boar have begun to ruin crops and cause serious damage across the state.

”They’ll tear your cornfields up, your soybean fields and they’re just destroyed,” said Trent Eaton, who saw the problem firsthand at his farm along the Hatchie River bottoms in Tippah County.

He says the wild boar hide in the roughest country around and aren’t easy to get rid of.

”I’ve had a lot of wild hogs here before. We trap ‘em we killed ‘em we run dogs on ‘em, any way we could."

Now, the State of Mississippi, has begun to look for ways to help.

Mississippi lawmakers met recently to address the wild boar problem and they’re pulling out all the stops to get a handle on the situation.

For instance, letting hunters do things like bait the hogs or track them with GPS.

Farming still makes up a big part of the State’s economy so lawmakers have already taken one step.

”We’ve already passed legislation where property owners can hunt wild hogs on their property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said Mississippi Representative Jody Stepherson, D-Ripley.

But the meeting between wildlife officials and lawmakers, talked about going further.

”We’re looking at models like I said, Oklahoma, Texas, surrounding states we’re looking into,” Stepherson explained.

That’s where the idea of baiting and GPS come in.

And farmers say they help can’t come soon enough.

”Boy I’m real glad. I wish they’d do something now, you know? We need it real bad,” said Eaton.

Action could come as soon as the next legislative session in January.

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