Millington Base Almost Empty with Shutdown

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(Memphis)  The City of Millington is being hit by the shutdown.

About 90 percent of the naval base is empty because of hundreds of workers are now being forced to stay home.

News Channel 3 stopped-by the Old Timer’s Restaurant in Millington.

It’s a favorite place for Navy folks to eat lunch, but Tuesday the owner says business was down about 20 percent.

It still has that good ol' country cookin’.

“And the best waitresses in the world,” said diner Otis Griffin.

The place is just a little bit quieter.

“This place is usually full. It's full of people,” said Griffin.

Usually, it’s full of workers from the Millington naval base.

“We are lonely. Not many people are there,” said a military woman in uniform.

It's quieter there too since 1,600 workers were told to head home Tuesday morning when they reported for work.

Sherry Olive was one of them.

Workers considered "non-essential" have been told to change their voicemails and let the world know they won’t be coming to work until Congress makes a deal on the budget.

“Are you getting paid?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.


“Are you concerned?”

“Everybody needs to be concerned but right now it's not something to be alarmed about,” said Olive.

While Olive isn't alarmed yet, she is sounding off on the situation.

“Every politician, regardless of political affiliation, needs to be fired.”

She's not the only one who has an opinion.

“The CEO is responsible, regardless if you pass the buck. He’s the man in charge,” said Griffin.

As for the owner of Old Timer’s, he just hopes this place will soon be buzzing again with business.

Olive hopes to have the bucks to come back.

“The long-term impact can be huge. If it goes on too long people have bad credit ratings, which means we will lose our security clearance and ultimately lose our jobs.”

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