How To Navigate The Affordable Healthcare Act

(Memphis) If you need to sign up for healthcare, you must first fill out an application with information about your family, income, and current healthcare information.

After that, you must compare what options are out there and which you should pick up as your choice for coverage.

Supporters are comparing the new healthcare options to buying car insurance.

There are different levels with different companies.

Each level determines how much you pay in premiums and deductibles.

After selecting a level you will have to pick one of four insurance carriers.

In West Tennessee Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and a new co-op called Community Health Alliance are the only approved carriers.

At, you can compare their plans.

Ranee Randby is with community health alliance and says the competition is good for consumers like you.

“My company was brought into existence thought the affordable care act. We are a new model for health insurance and we were put here solely to provide competition,” said Randby.

Even competition and lower prices won't help everyone.

For them, there are federal subsidies to help cover the cost with tax reimbursements.

Quinton Ayers is unemployed and just signed up for insurance under the affordable healthcare act.

He says the options may seem confusing, but it’s really not a complicated process.

“When I looked at a lot of plans there's a lot of information and they tell you what you need on the website,” said Ayers.

After you have chosen a plan, you enroll and begin paying your premiums.

Coverage under the affordable healthcare act starts in January.

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