Hole Cut In Woman’s Storage Unit, Everything Swiped

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(Memphis) A warning for anyone renting a storage unit: police say a woman was cleanedout after someone carved a hole in her unit and stole everything she owned.

Authorities say it was Jeffrey Washington, but News Channel 3 spoke with him and he says the real criminal is still out there.

Police say they found all the woman's furniture and household items in Washington’s house, but he says he’s actually a victim.

“Hold on one second,” he said. “I am feeling to get my paperwork.”

You could say Washington is on the defensive.

“I am not lying! I am telling the facts!”

He says he's being accused of a crime he didn't do.

“I have no problem with her having her stuff back but I bought this stuff.”

Police say he furnished his whole house with someone else's things by cutting a hole in his storage unit, crawling through and then swiping everything in the unit next door.

From a king-sized bed to a marble coffee table to a leather couch, police say they hauled $20,000 worth of furniture out of his Parkway Village home.

“Before they took me to jail, I wanted him to be right there beside me.”

Washington says police refused to listen to his story that it wasn’t him, but a man he did business with.

“I was buying storage units, giving it to him,” said Washington.

He says his name was on the unit but someone else used it to steal furniture and sell it a yard sale, which Washington just happened to buy for $2,000.

“So you are the victim in this?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.


“Because now you don't have furniture,” said Hall.


“And now you are facing charges,” said Hall.

“Exactly,” said Washington.

“And you paid $3,000 to get out of jail?”


He says in this case, the truth really is stranger than fiction.

“I mean it’s obvious that I’ve been set up” said Washington.

Washington says his next court date is October 10 and he's already hired a private attorney to fight the charges.