DeSoto Church Finds “Financial Peace”

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(Olive Branch, MS) Like lots of us, Leigh Harris and her family were living paycheck-to-paycheck.

"We’ve been working hard abut just paying the bills, not really able to do a lot of saving."

But now they’re on their way, thanks to a program at their church.

In fact, most of the congregation at Olive Branch’s Great Commission Church has joined in.

"My wife and I were considering how to get out of debt and Ernie Bertrand, one of the elders of our church has been on me for years to take the Financial Peace University Course," explained Great Commission Pastor Trevor Davis.

That’s financial peace, as in Christian and financial radio host Dave Ramsey’s program toward financial independence.

Great Commission members have a total non-mortgage debt of $2.3 million.

The idea is to start working toward ending debt, and keeping a sizable emergency fund.

The get out of debt mission also frees up money for people to give to the church or other groups to touch more people’s lives.

And Pastor Davis says solving financial problems, also helps solve other family pressures.

”One of the major causes of divorce is husbands and wives fight over money. There’s probably less money fights if you have some."

Church members recently held a community garage sale in which some families cleared as much as seven hundred dollars or more, with most making two or three hundred.

”This has been wonderful for my family,” explained Harris.

And she’s hoping the financial peace she and others gain will pay off in other, more spiritual ways too.