Community Policing To Fight Crime

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(WREG-TV) LaKeisha Sparks said it was like a war zone outside her apartment Friday night.

She and her neighbor showed us the bullet holes all over their homes.

“When I hear the gunshots, I'm down on the floor. This happens every night,” said Sparks.

WREG saw squad cars outside the complex Monday night, but it was a couple fighting, which could happen anywhere.

Still, people living out here say you shouldn't see police as often as they do.

“I’ve had to fight drug houses, prostitution, alcohol in the neighborhood,” said Ian Randolph.

Randolph and other community leaders called police, deputies, and residents under one roof to talk about crime and ways they can work together to help people fed up with crime.

Deputies, officers, community leaders all listened, and tried to help, promising they need support from citizens to truly drive out the criminals.

“We can't fix everything, but we can try,” said Captain Faith Cunningham, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.