Other Cities Marketing Memphis

(Memphis) Readers of the Baltimore Sun were greeted with the headline “Nine reasons to visit Memphis via Southwest's new $89 flights.”

The newspaper highlighted everything from Graceland to the zoo, enticing it’s readers  to hop on the new nonstop flight and visit the bluff city.

“That's a new way to bring it, can't speculate but it's a creative way to get your locals to take those flights," said Jonathan Lyons, Memphis Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Everyone appears to be spreading the L-U-V.

It's Southwest's slogan for their customer service.

The folks at the chamber say Southwest's “luv” for Memphis is going far beyond that support in Baltimore.

“People in Baltimore and Chicago they're just as excited as having another destination from Southwest Airlines as we are," said John Moore, Memphis Chamber.

Chamber leaders just met with travel writers in Chicago, getting them to write about fun things to do in the Bluff city.

Southwest got in on the act too, with new billboards in key cities marketing new flights.

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