University Releases Statement On CBU Attempted Rape

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Updated Sunday 9/29/13:

The following statement was released by CBU about reports of an attempted rape on campus.

Dear Members of the CBU Community:

Yesterday, News Channel 3 WREG Memphis and WMC-TV Channel 5 carried a story about an alleged sexual assault that was reported to have taken place in the Plough Library on our campus.

While student privacy laws prohibit the University from discussing or releasing many of the details of this case, I want you to know that the University has followed all applicable state and federal laws as well as all institutional policies and procedures regarding the reporting, following investigations, and arrest of the perpetrator.

Our primary concern has been, is, and will always be for the safety and well-being of our students.

Here are the facts of the investigation that I am able to share at this time:

The alleged incident occurred on Thursday, September 26 at 2:00 p.m. in the Plough Library 3rd floor in the study cubicles. The suspect, Olumide Adedipe, 21, is a student at the University and was enrolled in two classes with the 17-year-old victim. These two students met at the library to study. According to the internal CBU investigation and the Memphis Police Department report, the victim was fondled before the suspect attempted to rape her. The victim screamed and went immediately to Campus Police & Safety where she was offered assistance and her parent contacted. She and her family are continuing to receive support from university personnel.

The Director of the Campus Police & Safety immediately contacted the Memphis Police Department and began a joint effort to place the individual into custody. At no time was anyone on the CBU campus in imminent danger as the suspect left the premises immediately following the alleged assault. As a result, the suspect who is a resident of Collierville was arrested early Friday morning, September 26, transported to the Shelby County Jail and is being held without bond. He is charged with a felony attempt to commit rape and sexual battery of a minor. Please note that this is an ongoing investigation and we will continue to work with the Memphis Police Department.

The University expects its students to comply with all laws and has high expectations for their behavior and conduct. We have policies prohibiting illegal behavior, and we expect our students to act responsibly, to exercise good judgment, and to respect the privacy and rights of others.

The University has always been and remains committed to ensuring the safety of all students. In closing, please know that the University has treated this case extremely seriously from the moment it was first reported and has done everything in its power to thoroughly investigate this incident while treating all of the students and families involved with respect, sensitivity, and fairness.

While we consider our campus to be very safe, we do from time to time experience criminal acts like any other university located within an urban setting. We work to ensure safety by providing proper lighting for the grounds, establishing proactive patrols, and maintaining a network of surveillance cameras. Please remember that the Campus Police & Safety department is 24 hours, 7 days a week and always available for you. You can always contact them on campus at ext. 3550 or off campus (901)321-3550. You can access safety information at and CBU annual crime statistics at:


John Smarrelli Jr., Ph.D.

(Memphis) Police are investigating an attempted rape at Christian Brothers University.

"I can remember it like it was yesterday," said TeCouria Rayford.

She was working at a dormitory at the University of Memphis in March when fellow student Olumide Adedipe approached her.

"He asked me for my phone number. I was like 'no thank you I'm not interested' thinking that would run him off," Rayford said.

It didn't scare him away. Instead he got closer.

"He was like, 'I like your hoodie' and he literally touched my breast and I was like 'don't touch me,'" she said.

The advances continued, so she texted a friend for help.

Police came and he was arrested for assault.

Two days later, police say he tried to get into a female bathroom on campus.

He was arrested again this time for aggravated criminal trespassing.

"Other incidents were happening but I still saw him on campus," she said.

This semester, he switched to Chrisitan Brothers University.

Thursday, police say he was studying with a 17-year-old student in the library when he unzipped his pants and tried to force her to have oral sex.

The arrest affidavit says he "only stopped when she screamed real loud."

"It has pissed me off because that could have been me or my best friend and nobody deserves that," Rayford said.

Rayford broke down after hearing the terrifying story of another young woman.

"I'm mad, that's where the tears are coming from," she said.

Adedipe was arrested for attempted rape.

Rayford hopes the more serious charge will put him behind bars for good.

"(I hope) that he goes away for a long time where he goes away from people."