U Of M Using Federal Grant To Stop J-Walking On Central Ave.

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(Memphis) University of Memphis students say Central Avenue is the most dangerous road on campus.

Several people have been hit by traffic and killed.

The university and the city of Memphis say j-walking is a huge problem.

In May, an engineering student was killed when he accidentally walked into traffic.

On top of a $1.3 million federal grant, the city and university are pitching in $1 million each to try to make the road safer.

They are replacing the turning lane with a median between Zach CurlinĀ and Deloach, putting up fences along the road and building a new parking lot and entranceĀ near Zach Curlin.

"If they do it right, if they plan it out correctly, it shouldn't be a waste of money. You can never really know until it's done," says student Kaine Kouchens.

The project will start mid-October and last 15 months.