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Shelby County Jailer Accused Of Theft

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(Memphis) A Shelby County jailer, whose job is to keep people locked up, may soon find himself in the same situation.

Deputy Jailer Xodrick Mitchell is accused of stealing money meant for someone else.

Investigators say a woman found the money and gave it to him for safekeeping, but that he did something else with the cash.

Some questions are easier to answer than others.

“If you found $400 out here, what would you do with it?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall outside of 201 Poplar.

“I would put it in my pocket,” said Memphis resident Brian Gregory. "Next question?"

The answer seems obvious to some outside the jail where many have looming court fees, but police say one woman tried to do the right thing on Monday when she found a wad of cash by the steps -- she handed it to a jailer.

“He did not turn the money in nor did he inform superiors that he had the money and he ended up spending it,” said Chip Washington, spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Police say Mitchell might have gotten away with it, but the good Samaritan ran into the woman who lost her money and they both came back asking questions.

“So, an investigation was launched,” said Washignton.

A day later, police say Mitchell admitted to pocketing the cash and spending the money on shoes and clothes.

"That’s crazy and kind of outlandish but that's what he wanted to do so that's what he did,” said Columbia Rinex, who said he would have used the money for bills.

The jailer, who's been serving Shelby County since 2006, is now facing jail time for official misconduct and theft.

"If we don't make the right decisions and we make a bad choice, you have to face the consequences of the choices that you make,” said Washington.

Still, many are applauding the deeds of the good Samaritan.

“I believe she's a good lady, bless her heart, and that she needs to be rewarded,” said Rinex.

Others say her reward has come and gone.

“She gave it to him. She should've kept it,” said Gregory.

“Finders keepers?” asked Hall.

“Yep. Loser’s weepers,” he said.

Mitchell’s next court date is October 17.

The sheriff’s department says it will do its own internal investigation and the sheriff will decide if Mitchell can keep his job.