4 killed, 4 wounded in Nashville Waffle House shooting

Woman Attacked Twice Downtown

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(Memphis) A Memphis woman says she doesn't feel safe anymore coming downtown after being being robbed at gunpoint last month and then being attacked again Monday night.

Police say you shouldn't worry because crime is actually down in the downtown precinct, but that’s a small consolation to people who still feel uneasy.

News Channel 3 spoke to a man who moved here from New York two months ago who says he was almost robbed three times since being in Memphis and the woman, who has lived here all her life, says she is just now starting to feel unsafe.

“I happened to see someone coming from behind the dumpster,” said the young woman.

It's no wonder she doesn’t want to be identified.

“They ran up and told us to hold our hands up and took everything that we had.”

She's been attacked in downtown Memphis twice in the last six weeks -- first, in front of a restaurant on Butler Ave when four men held her and a friend up at gun point, then again Monday night as she pumped gas down the street.

A young man asked her for some change.

“I turned around to lean into my car console to get change out.  I turned around and he grabbed my arm and pushed me up against the car.”

She says she kicked him hard and got away, but being attacked twice makes her think twice about going downtown.

“It’s a nice area. I used to feel safe down there but now I simply don’t.”

Memphis police insist downtown is one of the safest places in the city with robberies down 22 percent from last year and with 64 fewer victims.

Police say the first group of men who robbed the woman was arrested near Foote Homes.

“They are young fresh faced, 18 , 19, 20 years old,” said the woman.

Foote Homes is where Linda Mason lives.

“There’s a lot of gangs over there.”

‘That’s what I am hearing. and a lot of those kids are coming over here?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes. Yes. Sometimes I fear for my life,” said Mason.

“It was really scary. It was really scary,” said the woman.

Both of the women agree that crime and robberies could be reduced in downtown Memphis if we started with helping our youth.

“They need to be in some kind of program,” said Mason.

“I think anything would be better than what`s going on right now,” said the woman.  “Literally, anything."

In April, News Channel 3 reported on a string of robberies at Tom Lee Park that police say were being  done by teenagers from Foote Holmes.

Police said at they time they were using its Blue Crush team and bike patrols to crack down on the problem.