Meeting Tonight About Shelby Farms Road

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(Memphis) About 200 people are expected at a public hearing at the Agricenter Tuesday evening from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. to hear about an impact study on the proposed Kirby-Whitten Parkway.

The parkway, which is also known as Shelby Farms Parkway, would run through Shelby Farms.

The city of Memphis, along with TDOT and the Federal Highway Administration are proposing the 2.5 mile parkway from Walnut Grove to the intersection of Whitten and Macon roads.

The four lane, median-divided, and access controlled parkway, would run through Shelby Farms Park.

“That’s the primary reason for the public meeting tonight to show how the highway  has minimal or no effect on the operation of the park,” said Shelby County Engineering and Public Works Director Tom Needham.

“There’s anywhere from a 10-15 minute delay and based on the projected traffic and building going on the delay in 10  or 15 years could be up to an hour,” added Needham, explaining the need for the parkway.

Sierra Club representative Dennis Lynch said other alternatives should be considered.

“We don’t believe that the parkway needs to get built. We have a solution that will handle the traffic even without building a parkway and fixing the farm road intersection," Lynch said.

“Traffic volumes have not increased for more than eight years in this area.”

The Sierra Club is having a meeting right before the hearing at 4:30 p.m. to present their case against the parkway.