27-Year-Old Woman Accused Of Having Sex With Minor And Recording It

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(Memphis) A 27-year-old woman sits in jail tonight, accused of having sex with a 16-year-old.

Not only do police say it's all on camera, but they say the two men who recorded it showed the video to an officer.

It started as a traffic stop on Meadowlake.

Police said the temporary tags on a Nissan Altima weren't in the right place.

While officers wrote a ticket, they say Lauren Stefanski walked up barefoot, alleging the Altima was hers and that the guys inside the car stole it.

One of the passengers had evidence to prove that wasn't true.

He pulled out his phone to show officers a sex video of Stefanski and another person.

Turns out, the other person was 16 years old.

Police arrested Stefanski, who is 27 years old, for aggravated statutory rape and aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.

They also arrested Jerome Dodson and Tony Oliver for aggravated exploitation of a minor.

Police say the two men recorded Stefanski and the teenager having sex with Oliver's phone.

Police say the underage teen signed a consent form giving Oliver and Dodson permission to record the sex, but that contract wasn't enough to keep the three out of jail.