Single Mother of Five Shot and Killed In South Memphis

(Memphis) A single mother of five shot and killed outside a convenience store on Lauderdale.

Investigators said she was shot to death around 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

"She was a sweet young lady. A nice young lady. She really was. I'm going to miss her," said Ronald Byrd, who grew up with the victim.

Byrd said the victim, who everyone calls Fece, is a single mother of five.

"I know she got a nice family. I know the children will be taken care of. She got a nice family," said Byrd.

The victim's aunt Sharon Gale was also on the scene.

"I just feel bad at this moment. I don't really want to talk right now," said Gale.

As police continue to gather evidence to find out who did this and why, Byrd and his wife think about one thing: five children are without a mother.

"It goes past her. It's the family afterwards," said Kim Byrd.

News Channel 3 is continuing to follow this story and will have any new information tomorrow morning on News Channel 3 Daybreak.


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