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Teenage Girl Escapes From Phony Cop In Helena-West Helena, AR

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) A warning to motorists in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas...a phony cop may be preying on unsuspecting female drivers.

Investigators say an 18-year-old girl told them she was pulled over by the fake cop on September 12th, just before 10 p.m.

The incident has left people concerned about their safety and how they can avoid becoming the next victim.

Blue lights flash and the siren wails -- there's no mistake when a real Helena-West Helena police car is rolling.

Thursday, the cruiser flew by the intersection of Plaza and 10th Street, close to where an 18-year-old female was reportedly pulled over by the phony cop.

Carrie Barnett didn't know anything about it, till rumors started surfacing on Facebook,

"I just live right there in that house right over there, about a block away from where the incident supposedly happened."

Barnett was shocked something so bold could take place so close to her home,

"A lot of traffic comes through here and you just kinda gotta watch. You gotta be careful, be safe."

According to the Helena-West Helena Police Department, a man driving a solid black unmarked vehicle with blue lights stopped the teenager, told her one of her tail lights wasn't working, and advised her to get out of her car.

She told investigators the fake cop put her left hand in a handcuff and started fondling her, but she escaped and called 9-1-1.

Police are looking for the man, who is approximately 6'2", slender build, with dark hair and mustache.

He is said to be wearing a dark blue or black military style uniform.

Police are warning drivers not to get out of their vehicles if pulled over by an unmarked police car and instead drive to a lighted area like a gas station or store parking lot where there are other people.

That sounds like good advice to tourist Julia Czyz.

"You just can't be safe enough. You have to be sure to keep your doors locked."

Julia and her husband Joe are from Dallas-Ft.Worth, Texas.

They were stopped at the visitors center in Helena-West Helena when we told them about the fake cop alert.

Joe Czyz said if the couple felt threatened, they wouldn't hesitate to call for help,

"Just call 9-1-1 and say, 'hey, I'm being stopped by this unmarked car. What do you suggest I do.' 'Oh, we'll send a patrol car by' would be the response I'd like to hear, you know."

Drivers are encouraged to ask officers for identification if they're concerned. And they're urged to call police if they have any information that can help catch the fake cop.