Man Arrested for Pistol Whipping FedEx Driver

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(Cordova) A Germantown man is in jail accused of pistol whipping and threatening to kill a FedEx driver.

Police say John Brenner assaulted the man at the intersection of Cordova and Appling Road after the FedEx driver blew his horn at him when he stopped too long at a stop sign.

Police say Brenner grabbed his gun, went up to the FedEx driver's car, and hit the FedEx driver across the face with it, then pointed the gun at him and said, "I'm going to blow your ****** head off."

Somehow, the Fedex driver got the suspect in an arm bar, which made the suspect drop the gun on the ground.

But police say Brenner then picked up that gun, went to the back of his car, and loaded the gun with a magazine.

He then went back to the FedEx driver and told him once again said that he was going to blow his brains out.

Fortunately, the suspect had a friend in his car that convinced him to get back in the car and go.

A witness saw the whole thing and called 911.

Police caught up with Brenner on Appling Road and say Brenner tried to get out of trouble by flashing a fake sheriff’s deputy badge.

The officers didn't buy it.

“Wow,” said Brenner’s neighbor, Guinevere Griffith.

Griffith says she believes Brenner’s a nice guy with a wife and three kids and says she's never seen him upset, but does know plenty of people who do suffer from road rage.

“Everyone I know suffers from road rage but not to the point where they'd hurt anybody. Most of them just curse out load to themselves for a few minutes. You insult them in every way, shape and form but don't actually do anything about it. I’ve never seen anyone do anything about it.”

Police say what Brenner did about it was enough to get him charged with aggravated assault.

Police say Brenner flashed a fake sheriff deputy’s badge at them during another incident as well last year.

His bond has been set at $10,000.