No Mo’ Tax Returns From Mo’ Money Owners Or Former Manager

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(Memphis) The owners and a former manager of Mo' Money Taxes were barred by a federal court from preparing others' tax returns and owning, operating, licensing or franchising a tax return preparation business.

Owners Markey Granberry and Derrick Robinson, and former manager Eumora Reese, agreed to the civil injunction order without admitting to any of the allegations against them.

The Department of Justice alleges that the owners and former manager of Mo' Money Taxes, which at one time had as many as 300 offices in 18 states, "created and maintained a business environment that encouraged the preparation of fraudulent federal income tax returns."

These fraudulent returns caused customers to incorrectly report their federal tax liabilities and underpay their taxes.

The complaint says that Granberry, Robinson, and Reese "charged customers bogus and unconscionably high fees."

It also alleges that all three "encouraged Mo’ Money Taxes preparers to falsely claim the earned-income credit; claim improper filing status; claim bogus education credits, improperly prepare returns using paystubs rather than employer-issued W-2 forms; fabricate bogus W-2 forms; file tax returns without customers’ consent; sell false and deceptive loan products; and charge deceptive and unconscionable fees."

The order states Granberry must post a copy of the permanent injunction on Mo' Money and Money Co's websites within 15 days and keep it there for a year, and include a statement that he's no longer involved with, or preparing, taxes.

Granberry also has to turn over a list of customers dating back to 2008 to the US Attorneys' Office.