MLGW Employee Tampered With Accounts

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An MLGW worker has been arrested, accused of making changes to a dozen accounts over the past three years.

MLGW says Treccer Sims changed accounts for several people for the last several years by taking off late fees in some cases and preventing disconnections in others.

She may have gotten away with it even longer, if she hadn't started tinkering with her own account.

Sims worked as an acccount specialist at MLGW the last six years, but in 2010 MLGW says she started adjusting accounts for some of her closest friends and family.

According to the arrest affidavit, she removed charges for as many as 12 accounts.

Those charges added up to $15,000.

In another case, she set up loans that would keep customers from being disconnected without having to pay late fees.

But when she did that to her account, it set off an internal investigation that landed her in hot water.

"This employee tampered with her own account," MLGW spokesperson Gale Carson said. "When that happened, a red flag was set off and an internal investigation followed and we learned that 12 customers accounts had fraudulent activity."

MLGW says it is making more stringent measures to monitor employee activity.

Sims resigned from the utility and is now charged with computer crimes.

She's out of jail on $5,000 bond.

This week, someone paid MLGW the $15,000 that was missing from those accounts.

MLGW doesn't know who it was, but is relieved to have the money back.