MLGW Admits Mistake In Cutting Off Power To Business

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(Memphis) Memphis Light Gas and Water is speaking out about our story on a Memphis business that lost thousands of dollars when the utility mistakenly cut off the power.

The story received more than 1,000 comments on our Facebook post about the situation.

Owners of the Euro-Gourmet market said they suffered $9,000 in losses after meat and other food spoiled.

They want MLGW to pay for what the insurance didn't cover.

MLGW said Tuesday it could not comment since the case was in court.

After all the comments though, MLGW spoke out Wednesday, saying shutting off power to the business was their fault and a result of human error.

MLGW Communications Director Gale Jones Carson says they have been trying to work with the store owner, but have not received documentation of his losses.

"We never-never said we would not reimburse this customer. we were only asking for information to try to work with him. We have not received this information, so now it has to be handled in court since he filed a lawsuit," Carson said.

The owner of Euro Gourmet told News Channel 3 MLGW would not discuss the issue with him and that's why he went to Small Claims Court.

He showed us documentation from his accountant stating the business losses.

The case will be in court next month.