DeSoto to Allow Guns in Courthouse, With Provisions

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(DeSoto County, MS) DeWayne Straughter says he generally feels safe coming to the courthouse, but will feel less so in the near future.

Straughter just learned DeSoto Supervisors will allow people with advanced weapons permits to carry guns in County buildings,.

"I’m not for it. Emotions are high in courtrooms and you know when one may not like a verdict or something they might grab a gun and start popping off."

Monday, Supervisors voted on an ordinance keeping openly carried weapons and concealed weapons out of County buildings, unless the owner has an enhanced weapon permit.

Those enhanced permits come with fingerprinting, a criminal history report and 8 hours of special instruction.

Even though enhanced permit holders would be able to carry firearms inside the courthouse, there’s one place where they might not be able to have them; the courtroom.

That would be up to the individual judges.

Supervisor Mark Gardner says the new rules should keep visitors and employees safe, and honor the Mississippi Constitution,.

"We can’t supersede State law, nor do we want to. The advanced carry permit persons, we know have had proper training, they’ve been subject to an FBI criminal background check and their fingerprints are in the system."

Meaning those people are less likely to lose control, or if they do, would be easily caught.

Still, it gives lots of people pause to know there’s a chance they may see more guns in places they’re not used to seeing them.

Chances are though, they might never figure out who that person is.