Memphis Ranked Fifth Worst City In The Country For Fall Allergies

(Memphis) This year, Memphis ranks as the fifth worst city in the country for fall allergies.

"I've had a lot of sinus headaches. They are actually keeping me home from work," said allergy patient Teri Webb.

Every fall, Webb's allergies come back with a vengeance.

This year, it was earlier than expected.

"Growing up in Memphis, I didn't have trouble as a young person, but as I got older, I have significant trouble with allergies," said Webb.

Webb noticed her symptoms last week.

The first appointment she could get was today.

"We see multiple patients on a daily basis, and we have definitely seen the number of patients calling to get in, because they have seen an increase in their symptoms," said Germantown Allergy Doctor Joseph Fahhoum.

Fahhoum said the best defense is antihistamines and nasal spray, but if it gets really bad like it has for Webb, see a doctor.

The fall allergy season typically lasts through October.

The top 5 worst cities for fall allergies:

1. Wichita
2. Jackson, Miss.
3. Knoxville, Tenn.
4. Louisville
5. Memphis


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