Juvenile Rape Suspects Appear In Phillips Co., AR Circuit Court

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(Helena-West Helena, AR) Three Arkansas teenagers charged with rape appeared Friday in Phillips County Circuit Court.

Police say they were at a dentist's office in Helena-West Helena when a 14-year-old girl was raped in the men's restroom.

Sixteen-year old Leontarius Reed, 15-year old Brandon Bates and 15-year old Brandon Givens are charged with raping a 14-year-old girl in the men's bathroom of the Twin Cities Dental Clinic in August.

The crime sparked outrage in the community of Helena-West Helena, Ark.

Tomisha Gant has been a mentor to the rape victim for three years, long before the tragic event happened.

She said the 14-year-old is still traumatized.

"She really does not like to talk about it. Because she has been threatened, she is scared."

A Phillips County Circuit Court judge ordered Leontarius Reed held without bond on the rape charge and for his role in the attempted armed robbery of radio station owner Elijah Mondy in April.

Mondy was shot after he and his wife stopped to help a man lying along side Porter Street,

"And so when I opened the door a little bit there was a blast...a gun blast. And people started running out from the bushes."

Mondy, who was seriously wounded, said Leontarius Reed was involved in the crime.

"And I could feel the blood in my lungs. One of my lungs collapsed."

Reed was released from an Arkansas juvenile facility by a judge in Heber Springs and ordered to wear a GPS ankle bracelet.

Reed and Brandon Bates, who was already charged with burglary, were both wearing the GPS bracelets when the rape happened.

Those GPS bracelets helped tie the suspects to the crime scene.

Elijah Mondy said the criminal justice system is broken and believes Leontarius Reed should not have been allowed back on the street at all.

"We got to have a mechanism that says we are going to be tough on criminals, we're going to be tough against the crime wave. And if you commit crimes you're going to be punished."

The two 15-year-olds charged with rape are back in an Arkansas juvenile facility on a $250,000 bond.

Trial in the rape case is expected to start in November.