Former Naval Officer Speaks Out About Navy Yard Shootings

A former U.S. Navy Commander from Collierville knows the Washington Naval Yard well, because he was stationed in D.C.

"I have to admit my first thought, I pray it's not a Navy guy that did this," said Roy Cash.

Cash, a former Navy commander, said he'll never forget the images he saw on TV today.

Cash spent time on the naval shipyard.

"I'm praying and thinking about the other victims and their families," he said.

Investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened and how, but Cash said it's easy for anyone to get on and off base.

He says security is more lax at the Washington Naval Yard, because so many civilians work there.

"Nowadays, you can probably get on any naval base with just an I.D. card. You may have to sign some things, and maybe leave an identification card or something like that, but usually bases are not that difficult to get on," said Cash.

While investigators sort through the evidence for a motive, Cash already has his own.

"There were maybe three shooters, which raises the question in my mind that it's a coordinated terrorist-type attack," said Cash.

That is Cash's theory.

Investigators have not said if the shootings are terrorist-related.


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