Dyer County Teen Accuses Former Athletes Of Gang Rape

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(Dyersburg, TN) The Dyersburg Police Department confirmed it is investigating allegations of five former Dyer County High basketball players having sex with a 16-year-old girl against her will.

Police won't confirm anything past that, and the victim’s parent believes it’s because the accused men are star athletes.

“I'm thankful she's alive today,” said the victim’s parent, who wished to remain anonymous.

The 16-year-old girl admits to sneaking out of the house Labor Day to smoke marijuana with a friend when he took her to a strange house.

“What do you do when you have five guys that are in a room, one is very large by the way, and they're blocking the door? You're not going to say no because you're afraid they will hurt you,” said the victim’s parent.

The next day, word starting getting around Dyer High, and that’s how the victim’s parent learned about it.

The parents then got police involved, but say officers aren't returning calls.

The teen’s parent thinks it’s because the boys are well-known athletes.

The parent says police recovered text messages from the alleged rapists sent minutes after the girl returned home.

“(They were) texting saying that 'I'm so sorry. This shouldn’t have happened to you. You're so nice and smart and I'm so sorry,'” said the victim’s parent.

Now the alleged victim is getting backlash from the community.

“The community is labeling her as one kind of (explicit), and that she asked for all this,” said the parent.

The principal at Dyer County High School says there have been no reports of a rape, and if a counselor is told there was a rape they would immediately turn it over to the police and parents.