$16,000 Taken In Heist At Colonial Country Club

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(Memphis) Six men who gathered for their weekly poker game at Colonial Country Club  thought that would be the last place they became victims of crime.

But Monday night, they were held at gunpoint and robbed.

The suspects got away with more than $16,000.

“The guys came running in with mask, saying ‘get on the floor, get on the floor, give us your money or we will shoot you,’” said one victim, who asked to not be identified.

“When silence happened for a few minutes, then we got up.”

The victims had large amounts of cash on them -- one was carrying $7,000.

“It just so happened a couple of guys were carrying more money than normal. I don't know how they knew that,” said the victim.

Memphis Police have arrested and charged Sheree Mckinley as the getaway driver.

Mckinley worked in housekeeping at the club until recently, when she was fired.

Police report she used her key fob that was never taken away from her to get inside.

The two gunmen have not been identified.

“We had a security person coming at 11 and this happened at 10:30. The people who robbed us knew what was going on, knew where we were.”

There was a guard only at night at the front entrance.

After the robbery, there is a guard there 24 hours.