Parents Upset Byhalia Middle Didn’t Tell Them A Student Brought BB Gun To School

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(Byhalia, MS) An outraged viewer was the first to call News Channel 3 about something he says was being kept from parents - a gun found in a student's back pack at Byhalia Middle School in Mississippi.

The Marshall County School Superintendent Jerry Moore confirmed that it happened Wednesday during the school day.

"A BB pistol was found in a student's book bag. The way it was found was a tip from a student to an administrator," Moore said.

He says the BB gun was a gift from the boy's mother, but he isn't saying why the middle school student took it to class.

"We do not feel the intent of the student was anything threatening. I think he made a mistake by having it in his backpack. We are just glad it wasn't a real weapon, but you never know nowadays and that's the scary part," Moore said.

So why aren't they telling parents?

"After the investigation is done and after the hearing committee meets, at that point we will inform parents.  We don't want to inform parents of something not fully investigated yet," Moore said.

"I think parents should have known that day what was going on in the middle school. Parents should know," said Jennie Devoe of Byhalia.

"BB guns can do harm too. Hit the right way it can cause death just like a real gun," said  Clarence Strole of Marshall County.

The Marshall County Sheriff's Department  isn't investigating the BB gun because the school system said it would handle things.

The student is out of school for now.