Police Say Raleigh Flasher Caught

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(Memphis) A Raleigh man who police say flashed a mother and her 5-year-old daughter is off the streets.

The mom says he not only flashed them, but also asked for sex and said he was "looking for some fun."

We spoke to the victim by phone and she says she is relieved that the man has finally been caught.

She's not the only one relieved Marquez Morris is locked up.

“That’s good… that is great!” said Randy Henry, who has heard stories about the flasher.

People in the Hunters Ridge apartments say he's been harassing people there for weeks.

“Flashing women over here,” said resident Gwendolyn Fields.

“More than one person that you know of?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Seven that I know of,” said Fields.

“Seven?” asked Hall.

“Yes. Women. I didn't know about the little girl,” said Fields.

It's the little girl's mother who made sure police got their man.

Regina Newell says Morris knocked on her door July 30th, and when her 5-year-old daughter answered, he exposed himself and asked them for sex.

Newell says she slammed the door and called police.

Officers chased him but, at the time, Morris got away.

“After he did it to my momma, he did it to my auntie,” said Newell’s other young child, Ethan.

Ethan says he was there that day when Morris came by.

“My momma told him not to come back.”

But people say he kept coming back, and apartment management even sent out warning letters about him last month.

“They had changed the curfew over here from 8 p.m. to 6 p.m.,” said Fields.

"They changed the curfew?” asked Hall.

“Yeah. Everyone had to be in the house at six o'clock.”

“Because of this guy?”


Fields says children once again come out to play now that the police tracked Morris down.

“He needs to behind bars because it`s a crying shame,” said Henry. “It doesn't make any sense.”

Morris’ bail has been set at $50,000