Cordova Restaurant Owner Accused Of Stealing Money From Customers

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A Cordova restaurant owner is accused of stealing customers' credit card information and racking up close to $1,000 on each card.

Just off Germantown Parkway sits an abandoned Chinese restaurant.

The owner of what used to Hunan Palace, David Kam, is facing felony charges.

The restaurant closed after Kam failed to pay rent.

"He always made us feel really gracious when we were in there. Always thanked us for our business. I didn't get any idea or thoughts in my mind that he may be doing something illegal," said frequent customer Rusty Chaeffer.

Police said Kam was charging customers after they paid their bill.

"I didn't see what he did with [my credit card]. He always went in the back," said Chaeffer.

One customer who filed a police report said she noticed two charges totaling $700. She asked Kam to remove them, but Kam never did and stopped answering her calls.

Kam is out on bond. He is set to appear in court tomorrow.