School Board Sets Meeting Location, Welcomes New Member

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(Memphis) The Shelby County School Board never called a special meeting about school security, even though more than a dozen weapons have been recovered from schools, and no special meeting despite all the bus problems.

Tuesday, however, they had a special meeting to with one minor item on the agenda.

The board is moving their monthly meetings from the Teaching and Learning Academy to the auditorium at Shelby County School’s central office.

School Board Member David Reaves says they had to have a special meeting to decide where they will meet because it’s a policy issue and the rules say they have no choice.

As for the pressing issues like transportation and security, he claims there was nothing they could do about it.

“Those are really policy-related issues. I mean when it comes to buses and other stuff like that. we get regular updates, but there’s nothing the board can do policy related to change that,” said Reaves.

It seems the only significance of this meeting is that it’s the first for new school board appointee Shante Avant.

“We run the risk of not having or continuing to have a viable city,” said Avant.

Avant says her career in nonprofit makes her very equipped to help Shelby students succeed.

Most importantly, she says parents need to step up and be more involved.

“I've been intriguingly involved with how we work in a grassroots level in order to effectuate change in this community,” said Avant.

Avant faced tough questions from the Shelby County Board of Commissioners before her appointment to the board.

Some questioned how she would vote when it came to influence and hiring of local unions or private sector.

“I support making the most cost effective decision for the district,” said Avant.

Today is also the first full meeting for Superintendent Dorsey Hopson.

He was offered the permanent job last week after a national $25,000 search brought in no candidates.

Reaves doesn’t expect any talk of his contract until next meeting.