Man Arrested For Exposing Himself To School Bus In Germantown

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Update 2/13- Darin Scott Little was arrested Friday for indecent exposure and three counts of Solicitation of a Minor relating to the incident below.

(Germantown, TN) Kids see to a lot of things on field trips.

On Thursday, 11th graders on a bus heading back from the Delta Fair got an eyeful they weren’t expecting.

“My son was sitting at the seat in front of me and he looks down at the window and says, 'Oh my god mom look at that,'” one mom, who asked not to be identified, said. “I look over and I see this man in the car fondling himself and he is naked. Who drives down the street in the middle of the day naked?”

The mom, who was on the bus as a chaperone, said she noticed a man in a silver Taurus following the bus as they left the fair, but it wasn't until they stopped at a light at Farmington and Germantown that she realized why he was following so closely.

“This guy pulled from behind the bus to purposely get on the side of the school bus so the children would look down and see him doing this,” she said.”He knew exactly what he was doing.”

The mother of three said the experience was traumatic for both her and the six children on the bus who saw the man in the lewd act.

“I was so shaken I could not believe what I had seen,” she said.

What concerned this mom even more was that the man was bold enough to do it right in front of the Germantown police department.

She called police and was able to give them the license plate number, and told them where he turned, but he got away.

She hopes he's found soon because this incident is not only shocking -- it’s also criminal.

“I don't want someone to be raped, abducted, or hurt because this guy is on the loose,” she said.