Loaded Gun Found At Memphis School

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(Memphis) A loaded gun was found at Wooddale High School Thursday.

A letter sent home to parents Thursday said a Shelby County Sheriff's Deputy learned of the gun and took the .22 caliber gun from the student after a fight between four students.

No one was injured.

A 16-year-old male student was arrested and taken to juvenile court charged with having a gun on a school campus and simple assault.

Another student was charged with simple assault.

The school year started with a gun going off in a backpack at Westside Elementary School.

No one was injured.

Parents at Woodale High want more done to keep weapons out of schools.

“Hire better metal detectors. Put more on the doors because they only have one set right here and half the kids don’t even go through it, they walk around it,” said parent Roberta Cunningham.

The SCSO said there are metal detectors but the schools use them intermittently.

“Any decision in regards to metal detectors is to be made by the district,” said SCSO spokesman Chip Washington.

According to Captian Faith Cunningham with SCSO’s Community Operations Bureau, Woodale High School already has two deputies in the school because of the high number of incidents.

There is also a Memphis Police officer in the school.

It’s not clear if the student intended to hurt anyone with the gun.

This makes three guns and three knives which have been found in Shelby County Schools since the school year started.

On August 21, a knife was found on a Collierville Elementary school bus. A student said he forgot it was in his backpack and it fell out of the bag.