Judge: Nineteenth Century Club Can Be Demolished

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(Memphis) Chancellor Walter Evans has ruled the sale of the Nineteenth Century Club stands.

June West, executive director of Heritage Memphis and others trying to prevent demolition, had hoped that one simple fact would save the mansion.

"It's the last mansion on Union Avenue," she said.

But that hasn't been enough to stop what seems to be steamroller headed to flatten the Nineteenth Century Club mansion.

West and others filed in to Chancellor Walter Evans' court Friday along with lawyers, ex-club members and the curious.

As the clerk passed out the ruling, everyone flipped to the back pages to see what the fate of the building would be.

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The room fell silent as Evans read his decision aloud.

The judge agreed and ruled the sale of the building was valid.

The new owners can now  demolish the historic building and replace it with a Kubla Khan restuarant and a strip shopping center.

"I think there's a lack of respect on the part of a lot of people in regards to our heritage and our culture," West said.

"The request for a temporary or permanent injunction, prohibiting the planned demolition of the historic structure at 1433 Union Avenue is denied," Evans said.

Evans issued a 14-day stay of demolition until lawyers could decide whether to appeal the verdict.

Attorney Steve Mulroy said an appeal will be filed.

"More to the point, we're going to be requesting a stay pending appeal. I think that will be the important question the appellate court will have to answer."