Women Buying Positive Pregnancy Tests Online To Trick Men

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(Memphis) It may sound like an easy way to pull a prank at first, but women could be committing serious crimes, like extorting money, by buying positive pregnancy tests online.

Women are selling sticks with plus signs on Craigslist for as low as $25 a pop.

“I’m pregnant” is a phrase that changes your life in a second, and women are telling men all around the country that phrase.

But the problem is that it’s a lie.

The story is blowing up online, with readers saying it’s so a woman can trick a man into marrying her.

Divorce attorney Miles Mason says that’s fraud.

“In my opinion, that type of evidence of a false pregnancy to induce marriage should result in an annulment,” said Mason.

An annulment is different from a divorce because it completely cancels the marriage, like it never happened.

A different ‘trick’ women use the positive tests for is to extort money out of men by making them think they are financially responsible for a baby.

“At that point I would take a deep breath, don’t react one way or the other and say, 'Well, that’s interesting,’” said DNA expert Steve Conn.

Conn says if you hear that news, the first thing you should do is buy a high-quality pregnancy test for that woman or bring her to a DNA testing center where they can find out for sure if she is pregnant.

“That leaves out the internet, concerns over falsified urine, substituted urine,” said Conn.

It may seem wrong, but Mason says it’s perfectly legal.

“It’s the same thing as selling a used Q-tip. It may not be something you want, but there is someone who would buy it and there is nothing inherently wrong with selling a pregnancy test,” said Mason.

Conn disagrees and thinks they should make it illegal because people are committing crimes with the tests.

“The sale of it I think sure should come right off of Craigslist and eBay or other things. I mean they regulate certain other things like child porn for instance,” said Conn.

Conn says pregnancy tests aren’t the only thing being sold online.

People are also selling their urine for others to use for pregnancy tests or drug tests.