Syrian Native Has Restless Nights

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(Memphis) The bloody images and barren streets of Syria are hitting close to home for those with relatives in that country.

WREG-TV visited Thursday with one woman who is worried about her family in Syria.

Raffe Sakaan hasn't heard from her mother and other family members in a week.

She said, "Oh, my gosh. I swear to God I'm not sleeping. I am not sleeping. I have to take some pain medicine. The best thing I'm doing now is to go swimming. Just to get the stress off."

Sakaan owns Raffe's Deli on Poplar. She moved to Memphis from Syria in 1990.

Her mother and two brothers are still there.

"Everything is disconnected, period. You cannot reach them. You cannot talk to them. We used to do Skype but not anymore," she said.

The deli is open daily, but they keep the television on to keep close watch on the situation in Syria.

"If you watch the news, it's so sad. You see how people are just killing each other and just destroying the country," said Sakaan.

She's not sure how effective a U.S. strike against the country will be now.

"It's too late. Mr. Obama, if he really wanted to do it, he should have done it at the beginning and no warning," she said,

She added, "This man, he's prepared. They give him a lot of time to prepare and find where he wants to go."

Sakaan believes the only way to end the bloodshed is for the U.S. to take out President al-Assad.

"If they have to go there, they really have to get rid of the bad man. That is Mr. Assad," she said.